Local agronomists start tree nursery

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Two young local agronomists  have been given space in Pak Nan Ginen to start a community tree nursery.

IMG_3069They have both just graduated university and are in their internship period; as young graduates, they needed to demonstrate their skills in a community project, and decided on starting a local nursery. Pak Nan Ginen decided to dedicate a space to this project, and local volunteers in the park helped to set up the shade structure.



There trees currently growing include moringa, mango, and pistach mawon. Young people are encouraged to help the agronomists plant and learn the importance of trees. The picture the left shows a young girl visiting the park planting pistach mawon seeds into nursery bags with the agronomists.





Community Meeting Space is open

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Thanks to contributions from local community members and The Pollination Project, a choukoun (a traditional Haitian structure with a thatched roof) was constructed as an open meeting space for local organizations.  Robillard Louino enhanced the space by creating signs with inspirational thoughts and traditional proverbs to remind people of the philosophy behind the shared space they were in. The signs included:

  • Piti piti, zwazo fe nich li – little by little, a bird builds its nest (progress moves slowly but surely)
  • Men ansanm, chay pa lou – many hands make the load light
  • Yon dwet ma manje kalalou- one finger cannot eat okra (partnerships make progress)
  • Timoun jodi, granmoun demen – children today, adults tomorrow (reminding people that children should be included in meetings)
  • Chanjman komanse pa w menm – change begins with you
  • Pye bwa bay lavi – trees give life
  • Rasin nou pi long ke nou konnen – our roots are longer than we know
  • Konbit se patisipasyon ak kolaborasyon – konbit (a traditional Haitian cooperative that represents solidarity) is participation and cooperation
  • Pi bon le pou plante yon pye bwa se depi 25 an, 2em pi bon le se jodi a – the best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago, the second best time to plant one is today



Community members from several different local organizations have begun to use the choukoun as a neutral meeting space and are also beginning to take care of the park as well.

Update on Louino Robillard

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Robi newsletter photoIf you’d like to know about what Fondasyon Ginen’s founder Louino Robillard has been up to in the 9 months since he graduated from his Master’s program in Applied Community Change and Peacebuilding, click the following link: Robi newsletter

Cultivating a respect for trees

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Fondasyon Ginen has been piloting an initiative to cultivate a greater respect for trees in rural Haiti: having people plant trees in the memory of loved ones or heroes.  In our community pak, Pak Nan Ginen, people from the area come and plant trees in memory of family members. Lately, even some very young members of Ragblez have come to plant trees…

Fondasyon Ginen ap komanse yon inisyatif pou kiltive plis respe pou pye bwa nan Ayiti: n’ap ankouraje moun plante pye bwa nan memwa moun nan fanmi yo oubyen ewo yo. Nan Pak nan Ginen, moun nan zon nan vini e plante pye bwa yo nan memwa fanmi yo. Denyeman, te gen kek timoun piti ki te vini plante pye bwa nan Pak lan…

The choukoun is almost up!

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We are happy to announce that our choukoun is almost done – thanks to community contributions and some help from The Pollination Project. The choukoun will serve as a community space that can host meetings for local gwoupman, trainings and skills-sharing workshops, and study sessions for students in the area. 

Nou kontan anonse ke choukoun nou preske fini – gras a kontribisyon kominote e yon ti sipo nan men The Pollination Project. Choukoun nan pral sevi kom yon espas kominote ki ka resevwa reyinyon pou gwoupman lokal yo, fomasyon e atelye, e leson pou etidyan ki nan zon nan. 

Memorial Forest started

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In order to transform Pak Nan Ginen into an educational space, we have launched the idea of creating a memorial forest. The idea is that every tree in Pak Nan Ginen will be tagged with the name of someone of great importance to the world, to Haiti, or to someone from the community. Tags were developed with a short biography of the person being honored (both in english and in creole) and attached to three dozen trees that have already been planted in the park.  This not only helps to turn the park into a more educational space where children can learn about local, national, and global heroes – it helps to convey the importance of trees. A tree representing the founding father of Haiti or a local farmer’s mother will be treated with more care – we have already observed this in the short existence of our memorial forest. We intend to continue to plant and name the trees, and spread this idea to other community forests across Haiti (we are currently advising SAKALA in Cite Soleil about how to create their own memorial forest).

Fondasyon Ginen memorial tree 1 LARGE

Pou nou transfome Pak nan Ginen nan yon espas plis edikatif, nou lanse lide “fore memoryal”. Lide a se pou bay chak pye bwa nan Pak Nan Ginen yon nom yon moun ki travay pou lape (direk ou endirek). Nou devlope tag ki genyen yon kout biografi moun nan (nan angle e nan kreyol) e nou mete tag lan sou yon nan 3 douzen pye bwa ki gentan plante nan te a. Sa ede pak la vin yon kote ki ka edike timoun yo sou ewo lokal, nasyonal, ni global – e li ede moun yo we enpotans pye bwa yo. Si yon moun we yon pye bwa ak non Papa Peyi a oubyen non mama’l, l’ap plis pran swen li – nou gentan we sa a deja nan fore a.  Nou pral plante plis pye bwa e bay plis non, e ede lot kominote yo enplemante ide sa a tou (nou gentan komanse ede SAKALA nan Cite Soleil pou kreye pwop fore pa yo a)

Fondasyon Ginen memorial tree 2 LARGE